Policy and Platform

Connectivity | Community | Collaboration

I am running for El Paso County Commissioner, Precint 1 as a lifelong resident of Montana Vista. Our community is rapidly growing and with it comes both challenges and opportunities. Having grown up and raising a family with my husband in the unincorporated areas of the County, I have a first-hand appreciation for the efforts made by the County to support all residents. My experience working with the El Paso business and economic development community will contribute innovative and proactive policy solutions and projects that enhance connectivity, transportation, public safety, economic development, and quality of life for all residents of Precinct 1. I will lead with transparency, accessibility, accountability, and integrity to ensure that the needs of Precinct 1 residents are met. I believe collaboration and partnerships are the keys to progress and if elected, I will work devotedly as an advocate for Precinct 1 to address key issues and uplift the community and El Paso County in general.


Safe and Responsible Growth

The far eastside of El Paso is one the fastest growing areas within El Paso County and will continue to see an increase in population for the foreseeable future, including within unincorporated areas of the County. This growth directly affects current and future residents of those areas and also impacts all El Paso County residents through increased traffic, growing school populations, increased strain on public utility systems, and more users of public and governmental resources, including public safety, our first responders and Sheriff’s Office.

Reducing Traffic

Those who live in Precinct 1 and have to travel or commute via Montana Avenue, Zaragoza or Loop 375 daily, know that traffic on the far east and east side of El Paso County feels like it is in permanent gridlock. Time spent in traffic means less time at home, less time with family, and less time enjoying the County’s and City’s quality of life amenities. While large investments have been made in transportation infrastructure, much more is needed to create truly connected, thriving, and healthy communities in far east El Paso. I will work closely with regional transportation organizations and planners to carefully track ongoing projects and advocate for critical transportation and transit needs that will relieve traffic congestion throughout Precinct 1 all allow the far east to grow into a series of interconnected, safe, and healthy neighborhoods.

Healthy Communities

Enhancing Access to Affordable/World Class Healthcare for All

The population in far east El Paso County is growing rapidly, but our healthcare system hasn’t kept up. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more investment in healthcare resources to better take care of our community. I will work closely with healthcare stakeholders, including our County Hospital District (University Medical Center, El Paso Children’s Hospital and El Paso Health), to make sure that new services are being provided in areas where they are most needed. I will also support:

  1. Efforts to bring healthcare to people who can’t easily access it, such as through mobile clinics.
  2. The County taking on a larger role in public health efforts
    working with the City of El Paso to make sure these efforts are coordinated and effective across the region.
  3. Increased investments and funding from local, state, and federal
  4. Efforts to further provide healthcare coverage for the uninsured and underinsured.
  5. Addressing gaps in current care, for example, access to world-class cancer care so family members don’t have to leave our community for care.

My family experienced what so many in our community have unnecessarily had to endure. My mother was diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer at the age of 46, while uninsured and with few resources to pay for private cancer care. However, we found that our community had limited options of local medical providers and oncologists for a specific type of advanced cancer, and eventually had to leave home in order to receive cancer treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. Our story is all too common for many El Pasoans. While my mother passed away due to her cancer, El Pasoans should not have to go through this painful, expensive, and arduous process to obtain quality healthcare.

Together, we can continue to support growing the much-needed healthcare services for all in our community.

Economic Development

Building a Strong Workforce

Strong partnerships between educational institutions and economic development efforts are crucial for creating job opportunities and attracting high-impact industries. As County Commissioner, I will work to establish innovative collaborations between local schools, trade schools, El Paso Community College, and the University of Texas at El Paso to create pathways for higher wages, financial stability, and improved quality of life for El Paso residents. In Precinct 1, this means ensuring at least one accessible institution of higher education in east and far east El Paso County.

Creating High Wage Jobs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential drivers of economic development of our community. I will work to encourage and support funding and incentives for tech-related startups and small businesses that pay a minimum wage of $20/hour. I am committed to creating an economy that prioritizes social impact and helps people live better, healthier lives.

Supporting Women

Women’s rights are a key to the success of education and economic development efforts. As Commissioner of Precinct 1, I will be a strong supporter and champion efforts that address barriers which disproportionately affect women and limit economic and social mobility. This includes increasing access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, improving access to quality and affordable childcare for infants to preschool-aged children, and creating pathways for women and working mothers to access high-impact and STEM-related workforce opportunities.

Investing in Quality of Life

The County of El Paso has made historic investments in quality of life infrastructure and amenities, including adding more neighborhood parks within unincorporated areas and improving the Sportspark and Ascarate Park. These investments are necessary for improving the quality of life for all El Pasoans, no matter where they live, and more investment is needed. Likewise, a healthy, thriving downtown also contributes to the county’s economic growth by attracting high-paying jobs and generating tax revenue. As Commissioner, I will ensure that efforts to enhance quality of life and develop downtown El Paso benefit all residents throughout the County.

Transparent and Accountable Government:

One of the basic functions of El Paso County Commissioners Court is to provide oversight and accountability to County operations. I understand the state-mandated functions of County government, including those that set it apart from municipal governments such as the City of El Paso. I will advocate on local, state, and federal levels for additional funding resources and tools that allow the County to meet the future needs of our community. I will make it my mission to be a trustworthy and prudent representative who thinks critically about the County’s budgets and operations, as well its impact on constituents of Precinct 1.